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I started my creative journey when I finished Year 10 and went straight into a carpentry apprenticeship. I was lucky enough to experience a broad industry knowledge as the company I worked with were very versitile and I got training in everything from form work, fine joinery , concreting, plastering and all aspects of building and construction. After working for a few years as a qualified carpenter, I was offered a fifo job in WA. I did this for 3 years which was hard but great experience. On returning to Newcastle full time I got back into the building trade and have worked in this industry till recently. In Jan 2023 and after much consultation with my  mum I decided to quit building and take over the leadlight area of her business. I am looking forward to working for myself in a more creative space and keeping mums legacy alive.


Leadlight and Joinery inquiries welcomed!

Need Leadlight Repairs?

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